kookiemee asked: SoRiku: Sora getting tired of waiting for Riku to make a move

"Alright, that is it.”

And Kairi looks up at Sora, who slams his tray down on the table with just enough vehemence to make himself known. He isn’t even looking at her, so whatever upset him, it doesn’t have to do directly with her. Kairi looks around, trying to figure out who Sora is glaring at, and she sighs when she spots it. Of course.


"Alright, Sora, what did he do?" she asks with a faint smile and a roll of her eyes.

He scowls, an unusually stormy expression from him. “Nothing. That’s the problem.”

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dustling asked: EddEddy drive-in movie theater.

"This is your grand idea for a date?"

"Can it and enjoy the movie, Sockhead."

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 asked: rintori: gloryholes at samezuka

No one talks about the stall at the end of the locker room.

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Anonymous asked: What if Dave gets plugs and John just pokes fun at them, with pencils and the like, until Dave gets angry?

"Dude, seriously, knock it off."

John sticks his tongue out at you, and you bat his hand away again. “But Daaaave, last time I saw you, you were so sweet! So innocent! And now you’re a hoodlum!”

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Anonymous asked: I was wondering… Is it possible to ask for a continuation of the mermen Rintori prompt…?

Rin trails his fingers through the surface of the water, cold wind biting his wet fingertips. It is snowing up above, which means Rin’s plans of sunbathing a little today have been completely shut down. He sighs, splashes some water up viciously, wonders if maybe Haru would be up for a race to get their blood warm. It’s the only thing he can think of that could pass the time.


Or maybe not.

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iridium-flames asked: i am just letting you know that I WOULD send you prompts but I showed up to this blog right when you were seriously beginning to write the full fan fiction- so I have only vague memories of the original prompts and the finished chapters to go by. I apologize- but if possible, could you include a bit wherein Dave gives john a really emotionally-laden piece of art and then show how John reacts to this? Either really touched or not at all, as long as soul-revealing art is being given.

You tilt your head at the glossy print, examining it.

Well, okay, you know two things. One: that is definitely you, and two: that is definitely your room. You squint at it a moment longer before you look up at Dave. “Dude,” you say. “Did you take a picture of me sleeping?”

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Anonymous asked: Dirk/Dave. Spanking. <3

You haul Dave over your knee and his whole demeanor changes.

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Anonymous asked: johndave: what if a wedding where dave keeps making john laugh at the most inappropriate times at the altar? pretty please?

"-and I’ve personally never met two people more meant for each other-"

"Or two people more ruined for polite company, like holy shit."


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Title: College Has No Class - Chapter 1

Progress: 1/12
Pairing: Erwin/Levi
Rating: Mature 
Author’s Note: Contains less dick sucking for tenure than the summary would imply, at this point in time, but hey! University AUs, am I right? Comedy university AUs, even. Deep and abiding thanks to both of my betas, KK and Dustling, because lord knows I know nothing.

Summary: Of all the things Levi was prepared to do in order to get tenure, sucking dick was on the list, certainly, but he thought that was going to be more of a metaphorical requirement than anything else. And yet, here he is, first time up for tenure consideration after all his years of hard work, and he is ready and willing to get on his knees for this man if it means he has a chance, no matter how morally dubious the whole situation could become.

Chapter SummaryBut then again….

Levi sighs. Then again, this is the first time he’s even managed to last long enough at a university to even get to the committee for consideration. If he has to leave this university, he thinks he might actually be disappointed. Not surprised, but… It would just suck if he had to go now, after he’s gotten a halfway decent group of grad students working for him finally. He has his bar, his coffee shop, his apartment where the heater doesn’t quite work right, and he just doesn’t want to have to leave.

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i have the best wip document titles

i have the best wip document titles

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Anonymous asked: Hello! I was wondering if you could write a little DaveJohn thing based off the song Laughter Lines by Bastille?

There are pictures everywhere in their house.

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Anonymous asked: Hey just an idea, but I think it’d be super cool if you continued that crow shifter!john story. I sort of adore it.

"John, you have to turn back eventually." 

You get a harsh caw and an irritated feather-fluff for your trouble, and you sigh roughly, staring at John with a twist to your mouth. He stares back, head cocked to the side in his crow form. John blinks before you do, shuffles his feathers, and preens them gently before hopping up your thigh with a few quick movements. 

"John, we’re have to let you go home to your family. That means you have to get your human on and go inside instead of just sitting out here in the car."


"Convincing argument," you mutter.

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Anonymous asked: ah i’m so glad to finally catch you at a time where your prompts are open! :) not sure if you ship reigisa, but i’d love that pairing where Nagisa tells Rei he’s not allowed to move, then body worships the shit out of him while saying nice things to/about him. Rei is flustered as all heck but loves it.

"N-Nagisa, please, can’t I just-"

Nagisa sits back on his heels, taking his hands off of Rei’s thighs, and Rei muffles his quiet whimper at that. “Ah ah, Rei-chan. No moving, remember? Tonight is all about you. And what I want to do to you. Got it?”

Rei swallows, but Nagisa continues looking serious, and he could never really say no to him. Jerkily, he nods. “Got it.”

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You blink, impassive and unimpressed, as the winds howl sharply around you before flattening out with barely more than a breath. Carefully, you dislodge the rubble around your feet that was holding you in place and make your way over to Syres. 

"Feeling better now?" you ask dryly, and Syres glares up at you, heaving for breath in exhales that are still kicking up dust on the ground below. He straightens after a few more gusts and rakes a shaking hand through his hair, pulling the dark strands off of his face.

"Come to think of it, not really," he says. You can’t stop the corner of your mouth ticking down at that, and he notices. Oh Syres notices, and his eyes flash a pale grey before he sighs again, his coat flaring widely in the wind. "I’m not exactly a fan of my twin running off to get himself killed, go figure. Something about me going crazy if he does, but hey! No big deal! Go win yourself a crown, Calias, there’s no one stopping you! And have fun doing it on your own, because I’m not helping you."

You take a deep breath. Okay, so he’s being petulant. That’s fine. Really. Frustrating, but fine. You’re just going to be calm and rational about it.

You lift your heel up and tap it against the ground, shifting Syres’s heel by several inches, and you smile slightly at his loud, creative cursing before he bowls you over with another burst of wind. You’re laughing by the time Syres is there to help you up, and his grip is strong and sure. “You won’t actually leave me to go on my own,” you tell him.

Syres rolls his eyes, but he’s smiling. “Eh, yeah, you’re a bit of a mess without me.”

(playing around with a bit of an original story)

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Anonymous asked: can you please continue the ghost john prompt, where john gets mad at dave and they’re able to have rough consensual sex?

It’s about the point when he slams his hands down on the table and you feel it vibrating along it that you realize something’s changed.

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