Anonymous asked: Zemyx: “Dance with me”

"Hey, Zexion?"

Lifting his glass to his lips, Zexion hums his answer. “Hm?”

"Dance with me."

It’s an odd request, even coming from Demyx. He knows Zexion doesn’t dance frequently, and he definitely doesn’t waltz, not in front of everyone, not with Demyx, not with the both of them clad in elegant black suits. And so a refusal is expected. The seriousness in Demyx’s eyes gives Zexion pause, and with the expected rejection hovering behind his lips, he lifts his hand.

And puts it in Demyx’s.

They walk out to the dance floor, Demyx without looking at Zexion, and Zexion without taking his eyes off of Demyx. The ballroom is packed full of dancing people. Zexion spots Axel easily in the crowd, his red hair one dead giveaway, and the blond in his arms another.

Demyx stops. Turns to Zexion as the music swells up. With a grin in his eyes, Demyx grabs Zexion’s hands and arranges them as he pleases, left hand on top of his, right hand braced on Demyx’s shoulder. Zexion inhales.

He has to will himself to calm down. From this distance, he can smell Demyx’s skin, the faint waft of cologne that he must have put on. Demyx begins moving, and Zexion follows his lead, stepping one-two-three, one-two-three.

And he can’t keep himself quiet, blurting out, “You do know that this is a ridiculously cliche song to dance to, don’t you?” once he’s able to recognize the strains of music.

Demyx laughs, tugs Zexion just the barest half-inch closer. “Shut up and waltz, Zexion.”

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